Event App for Retail Conference

  • June 2014 - July 2014
  • Interactive Design, Visual Design
  • Thoughtworks Retail, India
  • Interactive Prototype

The Project

The App was designed for use at a specific event for Retail vendors who were associated with the Southeast Asia branches of the company.

I was brought in to help the marketing team create the visual design for the app. They already had the sitemap for the app and the colors they wanted to use. I contributed to the screen layouts and the interaction flow. The final design was adapted for both iOS and Android platforms.


Not being given a whole lot of flexibility with the color palette, and a very specific design brief by the team was challenging for me, since I typically would have a bit more autonomy on a design project, but it was an opportunity to work with a bigger company that had an established brand, and to work as an extension of their event marketing team.

iOS version

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