My Story

Creative, driven and detail-oriented, I am passionate about design that is as meaningful to the user as it is engaging. With a background that combines Engineering & Design education, I have the versatility to be able to look at any project from more than one perspective.

My career began with designing for print, and the journey to my current skill set has gradually evolved with the discovery of strengths with each project or job, and a constant effort to learn, seek critique and challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone every time things started to go on cruise control.

A few years ago, I began a conscious shift towards thinking about the user's experience on projects where I was responsible for the visual or UI design layer. I have come to understand that successful experiences are a result of mindful research, thoughtful design and consistent testing and that I am deeply committed to the journey that leads to great user experience. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of UX and UI design – user and product research, journey-mapping, wireframing, prototyping, translating that to visual UI design and usability testing. I feel that being knowledgeable about the various facets of the design process empowers me to ask questions that will help me craft more effective solutions. To this end, I recently took advantage of an opportunity to receive moderator training for live usability tests and have signed up for a course on UX research.

I am currently working on a mobile-focused personal UX project to test and refine my skill set from end-to-end, through the product lifecycle.

In my spare time, I perform and teach both dance and music, and act in theater productions as my schedule permits. I believe that multiple creative outlets are crucial to all round creative development. I try and give back to the community through volunteering for children and womens rights causes, offering pro-bono design services for organizations that help those in need. I love to travel, eat good food, read, watch films and treasure time with friends and family.

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